It’s your breakout season! And sis, I mean that in the most hype-you-up kind of way. Believe it or not, your being here has far less to do with acne, blemishes, and blotchy skin as it does the reintroduction of you. As in the fabulous you! Let’s not call this a movement, because your momentum will never wane with The Glo Collection.

Glo Skincare, Glo Body, and Glo Beauty collectively exist for the cultivation of your confidence. Trust me; I know a thing or two about a good confidence boost. After two years of suffering from relentless breakouts, nothing raised my head higher than personally cracking the code to clear skin and independently finding my glo. With breakouts and a life-transforming break up behind me - because yes, that happened too - I found freedom in emerging anew. And regardless of what surprises and setbacks life has thrown your way, your time to evolve and reemerge is now.

So, ladies, this is our space for melanated organic skincare, chic fashion, and vivacious femininity. You name it, we’re here for it! No longer are we asking for a seat at the table. Instead, we are beautifully making moves in our own lane. We are here. This is ours. Let’s glo!

Without further ado, my name is Chariah Gordon and it is my pleasure to welcome you to The Glo Collection.